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How Can I Save My Home?

Options for Avoiding Foreclosure

In these difficult economic times, many families have lost their homes to foreclosure or are facing the threat of imminent foreclosure proceedings. Being in this situation can be devastating and can leave you feeling hopeless about your inability to improve your situation and scared about what the future will bring. It is important to know that there is hope! There are many options available that may help you to save your home and a skilled attorney can go over these with you and help to identify the best approach for your particular situation.

Some of the options to consider include loan modification, debt settlement, debt consolidation and various forms of debt relief. Determining the best course of action can be overwhelming when you are unfamiliar with all the requirements and consequences involved. An attorney from Price Law Group can review your circumstances with you and devise a strategy to pursue an improved financial position which includes being able to retain your home. If your best is unmanageable to the point where other options will not be of real benefit, you may also consider bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy includes an automatic stay of all collection actions, buying the time to renegotiate the terms of your mortgage. The firm has extensive experience and a history of success in resolving mortgage troubles.

Compassionated and Committed Legal Help

If you are considering bankruptcy, the firm can provide effective guidance in this decision, as well as take you through the entire process should you choose to pursue this path. As members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, they have helped over 100,000 people successfully eliminate their debt. If addressed correctly, bankruptcy could allow you to retain your home and your assets , and most people who file lose nothing. Other options to consider when facing the threat of foreclosure are short sale negotiation or a deed in lieu. Though these will not save your home, they can help you avoid foreclosure and its consequences and this may be the best approach in certain situations.

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